URL AUTOFIRE BoxAutomatic Link Clicker – Taken to the next level !

URL AUTOFIRE is an automatic link clicker that can be used for numerous purposes. No matter if you want to boost your rankings in Video sharing sites or want to win a contest where the one with most hits win…you are always one step ahead of your competitors. 

Today many websites is based on the quantity of the visitors or at least views of their video, games, band page or whatever it might be. By using the URL AUTOFIRE you can easily get some real good boost without, practically speaking, lifting a finger.

URL AUTOFIRE offers two different modes as far as link clicking is concerned. Either you use the “Simple Link Clicker” mode where you specify links and referrers in two different text files.  When using the simple mode, the program automatically and randomly pulls out randon links and referrers.

Next up is the  “Advanced Link Clicker” mode, you are able to specify each referrer to each link which is very useful as it makes the whole clicking procedure look more natural.

Both modes supports private proxies (with or without user/password), you can set the time between each click and of course also set the ammount of clicks you want to receive.

URL AUTOFIRE has a built-in Scheduler which allows you to set multiple tasks later tonight, tomorrow or even next week…All while you`re enjoying a day at the beach. URL AUTOFIRE  uses a multithreading technolgy which will not only save a lot of time but also decrease your work hours.

Software Advantages

  • Simple and Easy to use Interface
  • Allows you to get Automated Link Clicks with random referrers
  • Advanced Link Clicker mode — Set referrer to each link
  • Simple Link Clicker mode — Use random links and referrers
  • Multithreading support maximises the URL AUTOFIRE
  • Built-in Proxychecker to make sure your proxies are working
  • Support for Private Proxies with or without username/password
  • Scheduler – Setup Linkclicking tasks hours, days or even weeks ahead
  • Comes with over 70 different user agents which is used and picked randomly